What is Urinary Tract Infections? Tips for Helthy Urinary System

What is Urinary Tract Infection?

According to different surveys and studies the most common cause of visiting doctors after the respiratory tract infection e.g. cold etc. is urinary tract infections (UTI). Urinary tract infections are the infections created by the bacteria in your urinary tract system. Some of the symptoms of the Urinary tract infections are pain on urination some times you can have a burning with pain or just burning only can also occur. There are few things/ tips you can observe to avoid the urinary tract infections

Tips for urinary system

  • Drinking water is very important for the digestive system, skin and urinary system as well. Urine helps extracting waste materials from the body and urination does throw much of the water out of your body. To keep a balance of water in our body you need to drink lots of water as a routine. The science studies say that an adult losses around 10 cups of water daily. Do not hold the urine back because it helps the bacteria already present in the urinary system develop with a great speed.
  • It is highly recommended to wash yourself from front to back specially for women because it helps prevent anus bacteria from going to vagina and keeps your urinary system healthy.
  • After having sex it is very important to wash your genital area and if possible urinate too. it keeps the bacteria away from the urinary system.
  • Salt consumption should be handled with care. Much of salt intake throws the quantity of of water in the body and kidneys out of balance as well as increases blood pressure. So keep a check on the salt consumption.
  • The cranberry juice helps with both symptoms and the treatments with the urinary health. If you drink cranberry juice daily you can avoid urinary infection but if you have already got some this juice helps you recover too.
  •  One very important factor in urinary health for women is to use panties with cotton crotch for it dries the moisture in sometime that will not let the bacteria develop in the panties; other fabrics absorb it hence bacteria gets a vital chance to develop in such fabrics.
  •  Another very important thing to do is reduce caffine intake because it might irritate your bladder which is not good for the urinary health.
  • Although a good water intake is always recommended but if you are exposed to the sun more or you do loads of physical movement that might end into sweating you should take lots of water to keep your system working in a good manner.
  • Women can try another tip to prevent urinary tract infections that is changing their sex position since the friction on urethra will change which will help reduce UTI.
  • Wash and clean the area of vagina and around it daily and empty your bladder as soon as you feel urge of doing so it helps flushing the bacteria out of your bladder and urinary system.

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