What is Cervical Cancer? Symptoms, Treatments

What is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer one of the most deadly diseases in the women and often termed as silent killer too because often the symptoms of the disease do not appear or get noticed until the cancer has grown too far for treatment. Basically Cervical Cancer is the form of cancer that affects the third, the lower, and part of the uterus. If you wonder about how common it is, be informed that globally it is the third most dangerous and common cancer found with women. The layer of the uterus that gets the cancer is called cervix and it is the surface cell of cervix those get cancer.

The symptoms of cervical cancer

There are no clear symptoms of cervical cancer normally, to be noticed. Abnormal vaginal bleeding is one of the biggest symptoms of cervical cancer but like all other symptoms it is related to many other feminine issues. Usually the symptoms of cervical cancer are so tiny and usual that women ignore them as either PMS (Pre-menstrual symptoms) or ovulation issues. Abnormal bleeding from vagina between the monthly menstrual cycles, after the menopause (when at a certain age the menstrual cycle stops allowing no further pregnancies) bleeding, leakage; although it is a common issue with women but if it is abnormally heavy or different in color it can be a symptom of cervical cancer. One point when you may need to see the doctor for a cervical cancer symptom is if the bleeding during periods is very heavy or if it continues for longer than usual period of time. As said before, more often than not the symptoms of cervical cancer start appearing on a much later stage when the cancer has entered the next stage which is much more dangerous and fatal. The symptoms at this stage can be constant back pain, leaking of urine, aching legs, like in many other diseases lack or loss of appetite, pelvic pain, easy bones fractures and either of the legs getting swollen.

Treatments for Cervical Cancer

The treatment of the cervical cancer depends on a few factors and the most important one is the level of stage of the disease. It certainly depends upon the level to which stage has the cancer spread already. As mentioned before the cervical cancer’s symptoms appear clearly a little really late in the day and by that time they appear the treatment becomes really difficult. But if it gets diagnosed a bit early in the day it will be easy to cure it. The other factor that matters majorly is the size of the cervix tumor. Certainly if it has gone bit too big for treatment the cure will be nearly impossible. The next thing is very important for treatment of any feminine diseases and that is the age of the woman. At certain age the surgeries and harsh treatments are not advised. If diagnosed early the tissues damaged by the disease can be removed without damaging the uterus or cervix.

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