What is a Manicure and Pedicure? Nail Fungus Precaution and Treatment

What is a Manicure and Pedicure?

Manicure is a part of vanity for women and there are special places for manicure and padicure done. Almost half of the woman population go to the manicurists every now and then. Mostly, women get manicure and pedicure done on very regular basis to keep their nails in good shape and condition. Manicure is for nails of hands to keep them healthy without cuticles. On the other hand the nails’ treatment called Pedicure is related to toe-nails. The manicure and pedicure salons have to be very careful while treating the nails since the tools used during the process can transfer infection from one person to another. One better look for the symptoms and treatments for the nail diseases to be on the safer side. The People, like dental problems, usually have problems with nails too but generally they do not realise it so when they get the infection they would not realize why they have got it.

What is Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus is one of biggest and most common infections among the bacterial infections that one can pick from a manicure salon. If someone goes to a salon for manicure or pedicure they have to make sure that the instruments used for the process are either new or sterilize. By getting the tools sterilized you can be sure of no more germs for nail infections. You have to keep a good eye for the symptoms and treatments of the nail problems. One of the most common type of the fungi that is responsible for the infections in human nails or skin are basically parasitic fungi called Dermatophytes. And the most easy way of transfer of the fungus from an infected nail to a normal healthy nail is the pedicure tools and soaking tubs.

Symptoms of Nail Fungus

The treatment of the nail fungus is harder and more expensive than the precaution. You can get your own pedicure kit and use it only whenever you visit the salon. The early symptoms for the fungus in the nail are normally so tiny that you even do not notice them and there is no pain involved either so it goes further unnoticed. The biggest symptom fungi in the nail is the detachment of the nail plate from the underlying skin and the changing color of the nails to white, green or yellow or something in between them. Often the problem spreads so much that the whole nail plate gets discolored the main cause behind this discolouration is fungus. There can be another symptom for the nail fungus and that is that the nail plate gets thicker , rougher and harder. Most of the times there comes an accumulation of white and dry material between the space that comes between the nail plate and the nail bed. This material is normally dead. In such cases the exposed nail bed becomes uneven. The pain in the nail depends on the thickness of the infected toenails. Harder the dry material between the nail bed and the nail plate more is the pain.

Precaution and Treatment for Nail Fungus

Sooner the treatment begins earlier the infection gets cured and the symptoms disappears. There are many treatments for the fungus infected nails for example the topical medications and medications applied directly to the nail. But these treatments work best when the infection has not grown under the proximal nail fold. The other worse condition for these treatments to have worked is if the toe nail has gotten a bit too thick or deformed. In case is the infection spreads under the proximal nail fold or produced a thick and deformed nail, it is going to be hard for you since you will need to use some anti-fungal medicines by mouth but certainly with the advise of the doctor. It is advised and need also because these medicines can have some serious side effects, and so it is advised that you first try some topical medications so that it can be safe.

When you go to a pedicure salon you better make sure that the pedicure tub is thoroughly cleaned after each client. While stepping on the steps where clients typically step with bare feet at spa pedicures you should make sure that the steps are cleaned after each client uses it. If you want healthy nail and want to avoid infections symptoms make sure that the manicurists wash their hands before and after each client, and that clients wash before their nails are done.

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