Tips To Reduce Your Child’s Stress And Anxiety

Symptoms of anxiety are very common in young people and children, among 10% to 20% children of school aged feel symptoms of anxiety. However huge amount of kids feel pressure which doesn’t known as anxiety disorder. Therefore how you can assist to decrease anxiety and stress of your child? Following are the ways in which you can help your child to feel free from stress and anxiety.

child-Stress-And-Anxiety1) Give confidence to your child to face her/his worries, not to escapee from them.

Once we’re scared of any thing then we start ignoring it. Though, evasion of the situation of anxiety-provoking continues the anxiety. However, if a kid is facing her or his fears, then he/she will come to know that the naturally the anxiety decreases after a while, on its own.  However it is a fact that the body can not continue to be anxious for an extremely long time period, thus in the body there’s a system which calms down your body. Generally your anxiety might decrease in almost 20 to 45 minutes.

2) Say to your child that it’s fine to be imperfect.

Usually we sense that it’s essential for our kids to be successful in school, sports, and give their 100% performance in every competition. However at times we do not remember that kids should be kids. School turn out to be determined by grades, not by pleasure of studying, it is said that 85 percentage is fine, but not that much.

3) Look towards positives.

Lots of times stressed and anxious kids might go astray in self-criticism and negative feelings. They possibly will be anxious regarding future events.

4) Make schedule of relaxing activities.

Kids require time to keep calm. Unluckily, at times even entertaining activities, similar to sports, is able to turn into a lot regarding victory than enjoying.  But, it’s significant to make sure that your kid keeps playing just to enjoy it and have fun.

5) Good approach, positive thinking and self-care.

It is true that the things you do your child will do the same. Thus if you ignore situations of anxiety-provoking, thus your kid will also. If you are punctual, take care of yourself and work according to your schedule thus you child will also follow you and will be aware of the fact that self-care is very vital part of their life.

6) Appreciate the brave behaviors of your child.

Reward you child with a hug, honor, or anything real similar to a small treat or a sticker, when he or she faces their fears bravely.

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