Tips to Lose Weight

Studies have proved that dieting to lose weight could have reverse results as well. Therefore, It is not a reliable thing to carry on. Now the question is what to do then to lose weight?
There are a few but precious tips mentioned here, they are tested, proven and used by a wide number of people.

Regulate Your Meal Timings

If you are diet-conscious, the first thing you need to do is regulate your meal timings. It is the root-cause of all the problems.


Regular meal timings help in regulating your body metabolism actually. Take three-times meal in a day. Start your day with a good amount of food for breakfast; take a lighter lunch and dinner afterwards. Adjust your dinner timings, never eat while sleeping, and instead take dinner three-four hours before sleeping.

Try Lemon/Honey

Start your day, taking in lukewarm water either with lemon or honey. It is best for losing extra calories. It seems awkward, but it is a fact owing magical benefits in it. Lemon has vitamin C which has the power to melt the extra-fats inside you, honey does the same job.
After taking a short break of just ten minutes go for your regular breakfast. Try to have oil-free meal.

Activate Your Body

A research done in 1990s in America showed that 96 % of the people are dependent upon vehicles, elevators, automatic systems which discourage them to walk, use stairs instead of elevators or lifts, get up and move around the house for a while even. So shun these practices and activate your body by doing some physical exercises.
This lifestyle is not healthy. It is probably the major reason most of the people gain weight, without any apparent reason.

Water, the second name of life

Water is the second name of life and health. If you want to shed weight, make it a habit to drink water as much as you can. It has miraculous advantages. When you take water time and again, it improves your digestion system. Moreover, taking water before meals is also helpful in minimizing your hunger, as a result of which you eat less and so lose weight.

Say No! to Junk, Fast & Canned Foods

I wonder why we have entered into a Fast Food Lifestyle. We love junk foods, we prefer canned products and habitual of going to cafe where fast food is served. Fast & Canned foods are high cholesterol food. It has adverse effects on your health, besides making you fat and obese.

Weight-lose claimers are mostly Fake

There are millions of drugs available in the market, claiming to make you slim, smart and sexy. Do not pay heed to them. They are 99.99 percent fake and contain millions of side-effects. Why need medicine when you can lose weight without any artificial help?
Therefore, beware of such alluring slogans of “Get Slim” and “Get Smart” on them.

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