Depression, Stress And Your Health: How Stress Affects Your Immune System And More

Down? Feeling frustrated? Cannot do anything? Want to rid from such feelings?

Just stay calm and kick stress away since it is the worst foe ever seen in the medical history of a man. It affects your immune system and more in many ways. Some of them are mentioned in the upcoming lines:-

Important facts about stress

Well, people who think that stress is not as hazardous as other disease need to about-turn again because analysis has proved them wrong. Stress is in fact, the most fatal disease of all that tears down your immune system slowly and gradually. It is a big deal and a merciless ailment that has both emotional and physical reasons, for instance sickness (physical cause) and shoddy scores at a school test are both stressful. Adrenal glands make a hormone called “cortisol” stress in reality, upsets it.


What does Cortisol do?

Cortisol is a valuable hormone that has several functions to do such as it speeds up the tissue repairing process, anti-inflammation and inspects the excess immune cell creation.

What does stress do here?

Your cortisol level rises due to uncalled-for stress and it decreases the positive prostaglandins production. While prostaglandins are also local hormones those take parts in a variety of body roles like dilation of our vessels, relaxation/contraction of our muscles, bar “thick” blood, and so on. So, its sluggish production hinders these functions.

Our Immune System?

In stress or pressure, the immune cells begin disappearing from our blood. The “Natural Killer Cells” are the most sensitive cells of our immune system that cannot bear the raise of cortisol level. This crashes the immune system tasks. Trauma fatigues the adrenals as well. Consequently, cortisol and other harmonic production falls flat. While low-slung cortisol becomes the reason of excessive immune cells transport.


Dr. Patrick describes this system in these words:-

“Excessive stress, either physical or mental, has a detrimental effect on the optimal functioning of the immune system. It is like the card that finally tips the balance on the house of cards, bringing everything crashing down.

An immune system that is in top operating order will only be minimally affected by small causes of stress, yet that same system can be toppled by a big causes of stress such as the death of a loved one. Conversely, even small causes of stress can be too much for a weakened immune system.” Patrick Bouic, Ph.D. “The Immune System Cure”. But this is not it, since stress affects our health, body, and behavior as well.

Stress Affects Our Body & Others

  • Trauma becomes the reason of bad health like heart disease, headaches, migraines, unhealthy eating habits etc.
  • It is the base of sugar or fat cravings in us.
  • Tension leads to nervousness and many psychological diseases as well for instance indecisiveness, complexes, clashes, suicidal tendencies and even loneliness.
  • Insomnia, yes, stress again is the root cause.
  • We fall short of memory sometimes and it becomes difficult to remember trivial day to day affairs at last.

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