Stop Smoking

New parents always want to do the best for their children, though it can be difficult to follow through. Still, many parents find that the best thing they can do for their children is to stop smoking. There are many health and social benefits to choosing to quit. Parents who smoke impose many health risks on their children, even if they do not mean to.


These risks, such as exposure to secondhand smoke, are eliminated when parents choose to quit. Children who are around smoking parents breathe in carcinogens and might even experience respiratory disease, asthma attacks and infections. These complications only increase with age.

Children who have grown up watching their parents smoke cigarettes are more likely to become smokers themselves, and many start much younger as it is perceived as a healthy habit. Children are impressionable, especially when it comes to the actions their parents perform. Parents who quit smoking will experience a better sense of smell and taste. In addition, children will no longer go to school wearing clothing that smells smoky. Areas in which smoking occurs will smell fresh too. Best of all, time spent outside smoking can soon be spent with children. Even just five minutes a day can make a significant impact on a child.

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