Stomach Parasites symptoms causes of infections and treatment

Parasites in human and animal bodies

Parasites are living organisms which live inside the humans’ and animals’ bodies. The stomach parasites are also called intestinal parasites. These parasites can live any where in the body. They receive energy nourishment from the body they are living in this body is called host. Since they live in both human and animal bodies so both can be hosts also. These parasites may interfere with the functions of the body. This interference can create irritation in some cases. They can damage tissues of the host body. They can get into the body with the usage of under cook meat but infected drinking water is also another major means of exposure. There are two major types of parasites protozoan and worms.

Types of parasites

Protozoans are single cells organisms and they have animal-like behavior. Worms are a kind of parasites those live inside the hosts. These parasites have worm-like organisms and feed of living hosts. They can cause, by nutrient absorption, weakness and deceases.

Major cause of infections from Parasites

The uncooked, undercooked, unwashed food contaminated or infected water or hands can cause exposure to these parasites. In other words by these means they can get inside the host body. When they get access into the body they normally try to reach the intestine. At this point they can reproduce better and cause symptoms of different diseases caused by such organisms. A very common means of exposure to these parasites is soil. Generally children get these symptoms because they come in contact with earth and soil much more than the elders. The unclean drinking water is a major cause of infections by these worms or parasites in developing countries. Because treatment of drinking water is not very common in these countries so the symptoms of diseases are very common among the peoples in these areas.

Common symptoms of these parasites

The most common symptoms of these parasites and worms are abdominal pain, myositis, myositis, anemia, chest pain, chills, chronic fatigue, coughing, diarrhea, digestive disturbance fevers headaches, dizziness vaginitis, weakness joint pain nausea, jaundice, facial swelling, memory loss, hair loss, weight loss.

Why intestinal parasites do not show symptoms?

Many times intestinal parasites do not show symptoms. In other cases symptoms come and go. Many times having some of such symptoms does not mean any infections rather they might indicate to other diseases. In children, it is seen that they get restless or irritable too. The stomach parasites can make you fat also. It is seen that the hospitals and labs, generally, can catch only twenty percent of parasites cases because parasite tests are available only for forty to fifty types of parasites whereas human body can home more then thousand kinds of parasites. So many times we might have an epidemic for long time and it does not gets noticed, diagnosed thus no treatment because there are no symptoms.

Treatment for parasites and worms in medication

Many parasites eat your tissues and some others eat the protein coating of your nerves. The symptoms of asthma are caused by the worms called round worms. Whereas endo limax nana eats the calcium off your bones that causes arthritis. Dr Hulga Clark notes in her book the cure for all diseases that a worm named fluke can be a reason for diabetes. The symptoms and treatment can best be prescribed by the doctor or the specialists. Generally doctors prescribe drugs and special Poisson’s made for eradication of one or more parasites. Once you get ride of stomach parasites the good recommended way to avoid getting the infection back is maintaining good hygiene.

Safety precautions from parasites Infection

As they say precaution is better than treatment you can avoid getting infections in first place by washing your hands many times daily specially after using bathroom or touching animals or any other items those may expose you to them.

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