Massage Therapy Techniques including for the Liver

Massage therapy is a practice that has been around for over thousands of years. There are over 80 massage styles that can be chosen to treat various kinds of movements, pressures, and techniques. The concept involves manipulating and rubbing the different soft tissues in the body using hands and fingers. The therapist will also use elbows, forearms, and feet to provide maximum impact while kneading the tissues gently.


More people today recognize the various health benefits associated with massage therapy. There are various styles and techniques involved that provide relief and heal the body from various ailments. Massage therapy ensures overall wellness. From deep tissue to trigger point and Swedish massage, these are different forms of massage that is aimed to manipulate the tissues to function in keeping with the body’s health. Sometimes it also involves psychological goals and purposes. Massage therapist such as osteopaths, chiropractors, athletic trainers, or even physiotherapists perform such techniques depending on the client’s requirements.


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They are very experienced with using different massage techniques and styles including the following below.

Deep tissue massage

The massaging style is based on friction and muscle compression along the tissues. It is also known as deep tissue therapy or deep muscle therapy. The technique works through the deeper layers of the tissues and requires some amount of strength as well. Deep tissue massage softens scars such that it breaks up the scar tissue often includes deep connective tissue massage to release myofascial body restrictions.

Breaking down adhesion is easier with deeper strokes that loosen up the connective muscle tissues. The symptoms are common post injury to release body tension. Pressure is applied to ease muscle pain as part of the therapy.

Trigger point massage

Compression of hypersensitive ligaments, tendons, muscles and fascia is focused in this kind of massage technique. It is also known as pressure point massage that refers to trigger point stimulation to attend pain sensations to other body parts. These are usually defined by trigger points to heal pain is various locations of the connective tissues, muscles and organs. Trigger point sensation involves sharp pain, tingling, dull aches, and needle, along with various symptoms of earache, nausea, blurred vision and equilibrium disturbance.

Hence, using trigger point therapy there is improved functioning and release of tension in the body. The therapist is able to locate and deactivate those trigger points where muscle damage has occurred. It also helps ease kink or spasms when pain is highly aggravated. This doesn’t involve any tools and aims to manipulate pain through massaging itself. This might cause pain and slight nausea as well.

Swedish massage

A light relaxing massage technique, the Swedish massage is excellent to increase flow of oxygen in blood while assisting muscles to release toxins from the body. This is a popular massaging technique and many people opt for the same to enhance wellness. The soothing massage style includes several techniques of kneading, gliding, strokes, compression, and improved blood circulation to raise lymphatic flow.

The style is based on basic five different strokes such as friction, vibration, effleurage, percussion, and petrissage. The key is to work on the more superficial muscle layers in the direction of blood flow that increases circulation. The Swedish massage technique is known for its effectiveness in healing muscle pain, joint stiffness, and patients with ailment in knee and osteoarthritis.

Neuromuscular Massage

A soft tissue manipulation massage, neuromuscular therapy treats the underlying causes of chronic pain which focuses on muscular and nervous system. It addresses tender muscle points and nerve compression that can be caused due to injury from repetitive movements.

Liver massage

When it comes to detoxification of the body, the liver is a key organ that helps amplify health with proper toxin elimination. When the liver isn’t functioning properly you can expect symptoms of menstrual pain, moodiness, irritable bowel syndrome, neck and back pain. In worst cases, liver stagnancy causes as well. The therapist will help relax the abdominal muscles while sliding fingers in massaging movements down the rib cage.

The technique is to lie on the back and use the arms to stretch out and lengthen the body. With your thumb positioned left place your palm on your sternum. Massage is carried along the rib cage down the navel gently for as long as 10 minutes or as comfortable.

Another technique that therapists follow when it comes to live massage is to lie on the right side with knees slightly bend and the head comfortably resting in a forward position. With the left hand over the liver and right hand by the side the therapist will use the knuckle to massage gently down the rib cage, again slowly going back upwards. This posture and style of massaging then continues for over 10 minutes till the client feels comfortable.

Yoga massage is also a great way to increase liver health. The technique is simple and doesn’t involve a hand massage. Stand with legs apart and hands on hips. Now make circles with your hips, leaning forward and outward with each circle. This method is then continued for about 10 minutes and is a good way to restore proper liver functioning.

Liver detox meditation and self-massage help cure various ailments like migraines, dizziness, pain in the joint, tendon, and ligament, high blood pressure, insomnia, increased anger and frustration, and more. With professional live massage such as Chinese therapies that focus on combined techniques of stress free healing with use of any special equipment provides detoxifying effects to the body. The liver especially benefits from the peaceful massage technique that not only focuses on curing the liver health but also reinstates lower abdomen to store energy.

Make sure that you consult the therapist to understand which of these massaging techniques is better for your health condition. The therapist can also customize your massaging session according to your body needs and focusing on the various points in the body that needs special attention. Hence, with a number of massaging techniques and style available to you and the liver therapy that aims to delete toxins from the body, it’s certainly a great way to achieve overall wellness and health.

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