Kenkotherm DUK Tape is Absolutely Amazing!

As a non-athlete and in my late 40’s, this tape has saved my ankle. I turned it very badly on our backyards pathway a few months ago. It was just a stupid injury that happens once in a while but it’s been plaguing me. Each time it starts to feel better, I twist it again and it starts bothering me all over again so when I heard this tape might do the trick, I figured “what the heck”.

I looked at the included tips for putting it on that were in the box, and they had a diagram for ankle support. I went to their website and talked to the person that sold it to me for advice on the best way to use it.

I’ve worn it for a few days now and I absolutely can’t say enough about it. My ankle is not bothering me anymore and somehow, the tape is making it easier to stay on my ankle longer.


Something to note, this Kenkotherm Duk Tape seems more effective than the other kineseo tapes of traditional Ace-Bandage that I’ve worn before – it is not as bulky, and it stays put. It also looks good enough that I was able to wear it while wearing shoes. It’s also better than the medical tapes I have tried, it just seems to work better.

I love the relief this has given me and the added support for my ankle. I’ve recommended few people at this point and really think this stuff is a cut above anything else out there.

When you buy it, it comes with a few meters which is plenty to last a while. It’s also a few inches wide and is extraordinarily comfortable. We really love this stuff and want to pass off a solid thumbs up to our readers!

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