How To Get Fit by Doing Yoga and For What Time?

Many people thing that Yoga is just an exercise. For me, it is more than this. It is an entire journey indeed to find yourself, your inner peace and even your happiness. It is true that yoga is three-dimensional which means it gives three types of advantages namely: mental, physical and spiritual.

A Bit From Its Past

To dig for yoga, go back to the third millennium BCE and scan the postures of the Indus Valley Civilization’s figures in the rocks. They were formerly prescribed in Vedic texts around 900-500 BCE. While classical yoga began with Buddhist and Hindus back in 200 BCE-500 CE.


Gradually, it spread around the world as it contained many benefits to humanity. In yoga, you just care your body, mind and spirit with the help of postures (asanas) & breathing techniques (pranayamas) plus contemplation (more accurately meditation). If you succeed in harmonizing these three different things, your yoga is done!

It is very important to know about its benefits (health-wise) before going further.

Benefits by Doing Yoga Regularly

There are countless benefits of this exercise. Some of its physical benefits are mentioned here:-

  • It helps in losing weight. It makes you slender, slim and smart within days.
  • Diabetes, it is a disease, problem for almost one-third of the world’s population. Yoga rids it.
  • Anti-anger. Yoga helps you push-off sad feelings of anger or Depression and relaxes you.
  • It saves you from knee, legs, spine, shoulder and neck problems
  • It controls blood pressure too and so on.

Now the question arises:

How to get fit by doing yoga and for what time?

To churn out a lot of benefits start yoga gradually and constantly. Take time. Don’t rush, balance your routine and take out some time to stretch yourself for 5 to 10 minutes in the beginning.

Take it seriously and give it time only when you are alone, feel relax and calmly do it. Try to do it after every 24 hours. Ideal time for it is dawn or dusk. Do it when you are getting up and fresh or try it before going to sleep.

Remember to initiate when you will not be interrupted. There is no one around you, turn off your mobile, TV, music system too. Just concentrate and feel the magic.


Do not let anything stop you from it. Set alarm or tell a motivator to remind you for it.

In the start begin with warming up sessions and then do two to three yoga poses. Behold, your fitness lies in gradually moving further. Do not hassle and over-stretch yourself. Take a week in doing just two-three stretches then move on and take a month in reaching six-seven poses.

Popular beginner Poses

There is a variety of yoga poses. But for a beginner some of the simple plus popular stretches are given here to practice.
Exhale-Inhale more and do the mountain-pose at first.  Down-dog pose comes second. Warrior pose and tree pose etc.

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