Facts about Eyelid Surgery

Are you looking to have an eyelid surgery because you feel that your eyelids are sagging and it is hard to have a clear vision? A sagging skin can block the eyes’ view. I am sure you are well-aware of the procedure itself, but do you ever wonder of the simple facts around it?


Eyelid surgery or in medical terms – blepharoplasty, has become an ever more popular in the realm of plastic surgery especially for those looking to change their appearance. Though there is not really a certain method that sets this apart where only a few cosmetic surgeons can perform – unlike that for the neurosurgeons, eyelid surgery is such a common cosmetic surgery practice. However, there is not much known facts regarding this procedure.

Fact # 1: Eyelid Surgery is not just a cosmetic procedure. Although the purpose of eyelid surgery is to tighten those lose skin (eyelids) as well as taking off any excess fat from the eye region, but believe it or not, it has its practical application such as tighten the upper eyelid that sags covering the visual periphery vision of the patient.

Fact # 2: It is considered as the top 2 popular facial surgery procedure – this is just next to the nose job or the rhinoplasty.

Fact # 3: You can hardly see any incisions. With the procedure, the incisions are done in the natural creases of the skin of the eyelids or at the lid itself so at to hide any scars.

Fact # 4: Both the upper and lower eyelids can be performed at the same time. Mind you, not all patient is required to get both procedures – only when it is deemed necessary or in special cases. The cosmetic surgeon will have to evaluate several factors during the patient consultation to provide the right recommendation based on the results of the assessment.

Fact # 5: Women are not the only patients in this cosmetic procedure even though if you have to compare, the female outnumbers the male patients.

Fact # 6: After surgery, the results continue to improve in a year. It does not mean that results will only show a year after the surgery – you will soon see that there are immediate results after the surgery is done. It takes time for the skin to heal as well as the muscles that surrounds the tissues to settle. In addition to that, results can be long-lasting.

Fact # 7: In a lot of cases, the eyelid surgery procedure is performed via the administration of local anesthesia in combinations with sedation. However, this will depend on the coverage of the procedure and the amount of time it takes for the operation. Though there are some patients that may require or prefer to undergo general anesthesia because they might find the surgery a bit uncomfortable to watch through the operation in their eyes – it can be nerve-wrecking.Eyelid-Surgery

For more information about eyelid surgery and whether you are fit to undergo in such procedure, check with a reputable cosmetic surgeon in your area – set up an appointment and make the necessary measures to get the cosmetic surgeon assess everything and let him/her give you the appropriate recommendations.

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