Can Teeth Whitening Procedures Damage Your Teeth?

Everyone wants a Hollywood smile, and for years now the cosmetic dentistry industry has been growing in the UK, offering men and women a second chance for perfect pearly whites. But do these whitening procedures, which give us a beautiful grin and a whole new level of confidence, damage our teeth?


Some people may be wary of teeth whitening procedures because they are unsure of what exactly is involved and how this will affect our teeth in the long term, but with today’s technological advancements, many procedures are carried out safely and with minimum risk.

Understanding the Teeth Whitening Procedure

There are a number of different teeth whitening procedures available from cosmetic dentists today. To find out more or for a consultation, visit

  • Laser teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers
  • Whitening gels and strips
  • Whitening trays

Whitening gels, strips or trays can be bought over the counter or on the internet; some of them are ineffective, some are hard to apply and others may be damaging to your teeth. Dentists recommend that if you are unsure about any procedures purchased over the counter, to avoid using them at all.

Laser teeth whitening is the most effective solution for making your teeth whiter and brighter. This procedure is performed by a qualified and trained dental surgeon so you will be good hands.

The whitening procedure is designed to remove stains from your teeth making them look whiter and unlike from over the counter whitening products, laser teeth whitening will not use any harmful chemicals which are damaging to your teeth. Using gels which contain oxygen ions, the dentist will work to remove marks and stains on your teeth and the laser is used to help speed up this process.

The process is fast and efficient so you can be in and out of the dentist in an hour or two. Whilst teeth whitening today, offers amazing results for dental patients, it’s also a very safe procedure.

What to Expect

If you have never had laser teeth whitening before, it is normal to experience some levels of sensitivity in your teeth for up to 48 hours after.  For most people, the sensitivity goes away after a few days. But the great benefit of laser teeth whitening, is that you will see the results immediately.

For the best results and a safe procedure managed by dental experts, speak to a professional dentist.

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