Baby Yoga – for mothers and babies!

Yoga is the centuries’ old spiritual practice of collecting mind serenity, spirituality, and the strong mind-body bonding. The inception of the baby Yoga is quite contemporary and highly appreciated in Western, even though it is Indian originated.

Baby Yoga!

During pregnancy the women’s energy and focus are drawn inmost, to the little-life nurturing inside. The woman’s health during the whole 9 months adapts and adjusts to protect and nurture the baby. But this process does not end up by the birth of the baby it expands the mother’s focus towards more cautious and protective adaptations for the baby. Scores of new mothers take pleasure in the benefits of yoga for fitness and mental health. Postpartum yoga with infants entertains new mothers with the prospect for gentle fitness and the additional time to bond with their new born.


The early phase of the pregnancy mother and fetus need a quality time to know each other by attuned to the new life together. During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes intensive transformations in terms of hormonal fluctuation.

Impact of Postpartum Yoga

Yoga practice proffers healthy coordination for both mind and body during the pregnancy. It allays stress, calms the mind, and facilitates in dispelling the conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue. For new mothers, yoga nurtures the physical strength and flexibility essential for nursing, cradling, and carrying the infant. Yoga assists in improving posture and enhances stamina to bear the alteration and pain associated. Practicing yoga postpartum necessitates in developing confidence and in building a strong healthy body.

Impact of Yoga for Infants

Yoga for infants and toddlers has the diversity in its benefits and the effects to prevent the depression or stress in early age. Yoga enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Furthermore, their attentiveness and sense of serenity and recreation develops. Practicing yoga, children exercise, play, meditate with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them. The authors of Born Yogis challenge that babies are naturally able to accomplish over 100 asanas of yoga as they develop because during infancy their physiques are flexible enough to mould and shape up accordingly.

For infants, yoga aids them relax, to sleep better, and to be less persnickety. On add on is that the poses facilitate infants with digestion and provides another way to spend a quality time and bond for the mother with the infant.

Baby Yoga- Social Environment for Mother and Baby

Baby yoga practices offer a very delightful hours for mother to go out and meet other mothers with similar interests and also the great opportunity to those mothers who feel shy to enjoy social groups of same interests. As most classes would like the mothers to entrust to at least six weeks to meet other mothers on a regular basis and eventually makes them to speak to each other. In essential to cope up with the hidden-fear that when a mother finds out she is not the only one who would scream out if her infant doesn’t stop crying. This exposure to other mothers sailing the same boat is vital for the mother’s mental health.

Yoga is an opportunity to enhance the infant’s mental potentials and the sport dynamics in his/her physique at the very early stage of life. It also nurtures the strong emotional bonding between mother and her infant.

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