Avoid Smoking Live A Healthy & Happy Life

Smokers and non-smokers both are agreed upon the fact that “Smoking is Injurious to Health”. There is no argument to it as everybody knows smoking does not spare anyone. It is even harmful for the pockets, as a pack costs $10 for only 20 cigarettes in USA.

Now the question is how to avoid smoking to live a healthy and happy life?
To answer this, we need to dig out the reason of smoking & its consequences, first.

Why do people Smoke?

Problem starts when it becomes a habit, an unavoidable, disastrous second nature. Once you adopt it, it will never leave you alone, anyways. In simple words, you call it “Addiction”. And we all know that addictions are hardly tackled.
Smoke gives psychological satisfaction to most. Hence, this addiction increases and ultimately, claims their life.


Many theories and logarithms have failed in devising a plan against its harmful effects. However, there are some rules to apply in life to avoid it and get a healthy, happy life. As it is a big hurdle for such ideal lives. There is a long unwinding list of disease to show to the smokers and give them an opportunity to think for a while about them like high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and of course, heart attack.

As a result, a smoker can never live a fit and fantastic life, as health problems will always tag along with him.

Tackling Addiction

Many researches, drugs, therapies and tips are introduced to quit smoking, but none of them succeeded. Do you know why? Because, there was no willingness involved. Since, the very first thing is your own determination and will as fighting back this habit needs your courage to stay strong in the first place.

Once you have made mind to avoid it, next steps would not bother you. Nothing can stand against your determination. Remember only one thing; you are doing it for yourself and for your family as well.

Replace smoking habit with something else like take herbal tea instead of it; else go for a walk to distract your mind from it.

Remember it is all about controlling your mind and that’s it. Keep an eye on your goal instead of temporary cravings for one cigarette of two. Whenever you feel badly tested, draw a picture of you having caught the scornful disease caused by it in your mind and immediately replace it with that of your loved-ones feeling pain for you. In this way, you will get strength to go against it, undauntedly.
Come out of the temptations and relax your mind.

It is the time when you will experience cravings for cigarette. You need to cope it and there is none other than you, who could cope up with this. To push away these cravings, try to find something else to eat like gum, celery sticks, mints and candies etc.

Keep your mind and hand busy in this slot, simply brush your teeth for a refreshed feeling, drink water, take a walk or do something to divert your attention. And at the end of the day, we will return to the topic by saying, follow these tips to avoid smoking for a healthy and happy life.

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