3 Signs of Impaired Vision

Impaired vision is something that affects 285 million in the world. Whilst 39 million of those are blind, 246 million have impaired vision in some way. This includes myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, all of which can be aided with the right prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Research by a leading corporate eye care company also reveals that one in four drivers (data based on visitors to Drive Safe road shows) are currently driving with a visual impairment and not wearing the right glasses.


Being short sighted or long sighted and not having the right glasses is not only damaging to eye health, but it’s dangerous and against the law when driving. 80% of all visual impairment can either be avoided or cured so going to the opticians is a must if you think you may be suffering from poor eye health.

If you have never been to the optician’s before, it can be daunting. But today’s technological advancements means that everyone can receive the best treatment with the most high-tech lenses which can improve your vision, as well as your quality of life. For a full range of high-technology lenses available, visit Essilor Ltd.

Signs that You May Need Glasses

If you are unsure of whether you may need glasses, here are 3 signs to look out for. If you experience any or all of these, the best thing to do is to book an eye test.

  1. Blurred Vision or Unable to Focus Your Eyes

If you experience blurry vision when working or looking at something for a long time, or you are struggling to focus your eyes – whether that be looking at something close up or far away – you could be visually impaired. Sudden or gradual blurring vision could be a sign that something is wrong.

  1. Visual Disturbances or Visual Obstructions

A sudden onset can happen if you are visually impaired and you haven’t had your eyes tested yet. This can be anything from floaters or flashes of light. It’s important that you see an optician straight away as sometimes, disturbances or visual obstructions can be a sign of more serious problems.

  1. You’re Getting Headaches or Feel You Have Migraines

Headaches can be a sign of visual impairment and this is one of the earliest signs you can look out for. Changes in your vision will happen slowly and if you start to experience frequent problems then it may be something to do with your vision.


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