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The Perfect Remedy for Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by at Nov 25 , 2015

If you have been putting up with chronic plantar fasciitis for the past several years, it is probably because you have been trying out remedies that don’t address the problem in a simple way. With my new ‘Ankle Rockers’ solution devised to be simple yet effective, you will get to experience actual relief from the pain within a matter of days. Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that is created when the plantar fascia, a band of tissue that connects the bone of the heel to the toes and supports the arch, becomes inflamed. The pain can be hard to bear which makes immediate relief preferable to many people.


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Brain Supplements and You: Clearing Brain Fog

Posted by at Oct 19 , 2015

Many people experience unnerving productivity, focus, and concentration lapses throughout the day. As our world gets more hectic and digital, it seems that our attention spans continue to decrease. However, there is a new class of natural supplements that are trying to reverse this phenomenon.


How Can Brain Supplements Help You?

Research and clinical trials in the past years have shown that there are certain ingredients and substances that may be able to improve focus, concentration, and memory. And an increasing number of college students and professionals are beginning to use brain supplementation to improve overall performance on assignments and projects.

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Massage Therapy Techniques including for the Liver

Posted by at Sep 17 , 2015

Massage therapy is a practice that has been around for over thousands of years. There are over 80 massage styles that can be chosen to treat various kinds of movements, pressures, and techniques. The concept involves manipulating and rubbing the different soft tissues in the body using hands and fingers. The therapist will also use elbows, forearms, and feet to provide maximum impact while kneading the tissues gently.


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5 Tips for Younger-Looking Eyes

Posted by at Jul 23 , 2015

Working long hours staring at the computer or the television can put a huge strain on the eyes. Over time, you may develop tired eyes that make you look older than your actual age. Your eyes may become puffy and you may develop grey circles and under-eye bags. Thankfully, you do not need expensive cosmetics treatments or multivitamins to get younger-looking eyes. A few simple tips using things from your kitchen can help you get relief from tired and saggy eyes. Here are some simple home-made remedies to cure tired eyes.


The oldest home-made tip to get younger-looking eyes has been the cucumber. To get instant relief from itching and watery eyes, all you need to do is get some slices of cucumber on those eyes. Place a whole cucumber in the freezer until it gets quite cool. Next, cut some slices of the cucumber and place them in a bowl of ice cubes. Lie in a comfortable spot and place the two slices on your eyelids. Replace those with the slices from the bowl as they become warm. Doing this tip for ten minutes will help you get refreshed and younger-looking eyes.

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How to wear incontinence pads?

Posted by at Jul 21 , 2015

Incontinence pads are special pads designed for people suffering from accidental urine leakage. If you leak urine when you sneeze or laugh, then you have a problem known as urinary incontinence.

Most incontinence pads consist of more than 1 layer of protection. The first layer usually acts as collection layer. It collects the urine and passes it on to the next absorbent layer. There the liquid urine is turned into a semi-solid gel like substance with the help of super absorbent powders. Thus dual layer of protection helps in keeping the skin dry and prevents skin rashes. Prolonged contact between skin and urine is harmful. Incontinence pads also prevent odours from urine accumulation. They do so by preventing the formation of ammonia inside the pads.

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